MIAMI, FL-(July 19, 1999)-Demerara Distillers Limited, one of the world's leading producers and exporters of both premium aged and quality bulk rum, has won top honors at the 1999 Vin Expo in Bordeaux, France. Vin Expo is the world's largest and most prestigious annual wine and spirits competition. Vying for recognition are entries that include hundreds of the best wines and spirits from vintners and distillers around the world, which means the competition is fierce.

Nevertheless, Demerara Distillers of Georgetown, Guyana was up to the challenge. The distillery's top-of-the-line El Dorado 15 Year Old Special Reserve was named "Gold Winner 1999" for placing among the top ten percent in its category. Even more impressive, El Dorado 15 year old Special Reserve was named "Trophy Winner 1999" for being judged the very best of the Gold Winners in the premium rum category.

A top-selling rum in markets throughout the Caribbean, Latin America and Europe, by the end of 1999, El Dorado rum will be available on store shelves across the United States. The award-winning brand is a product of Demerara Distillers, a firm which boasts almost three-and-a-half centuries of experience in the art of distilling rum. The El Dorado brand includes both premium and popularly priced rums. At the top of the premium line-up is El Dorado Special Reserve, aged 15 years, and El Dorado Superior Demerara Rum, which is aged 12 years, followed by El Dorado Five Year Old Demerara Rum. Also produced under the El Dorado trademark are El Dorado Superior White Rum, Golden Rum Dark Rum, and Spiced Rum.

To achieve the superb color, smooth taste and full-bodied aroma for which El Dorado's premium rums are known, the spirits are matured in 45-gallon oak casks in a perfect natural climate for aging - within six degrees of the equator on the tropical north coast of South America. These ideal conditions, combined with distilling craftsmanship fine-tuned over more than 300 years, produces the superior of rums.

For further information on El Dorado distribution in the U.S. call Demerara Distillers, USA at (305) 673-2870.